Lam Tak (Pte) Ltd 

Asia's Animal Feed Raw Material Provider- Dairy, Vegetable & Animal Protein.

Dairy Protein

We supply Food & Feed Grade Dairy Powder, such as Sweet Whey Powder, Lactose Powder, Full Cream Milk Power and Skim Milk Powder.

We also supply Infant Formula Milk Powder
for Animal Feed

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Vegetable Protein

We supply high quality Wheat Pollard, Wheat Bran, Wheat Flour, Barley Spent Grain, Canola Meal etc

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Insects Protein

Black Soldier Fly Insect bio-conversion transform organic food waste into edible insect protein. Contact us for more information.

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Lam Tak Pte. Ltd. (est. 1968),  with manufacture factory in Singapore & Malaysia, offers a wide variety of feed grade ingredients across Asia. Our business plan is to continue seeking new global trading partners while maintaining our distinguished existing customer ba

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