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Business Manager

PT Lam Tak Indonesia

Work Location: West Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Salary Range: Depends on work experience and qualifications

About the job

    The business manager plays a pivotal role in the organizational success by assuming a multifaceted role to support the initial start up of the local business operation. She/he will largely focus on meticulous administrative tasks to orchestrates efficient daily operations, and proactively contributes to market development and vendor partnerships, fostering a holistic approach for sustainable business success.

    Job Responsibilities:
    • Assessing and identifying new opportunities for growth in current and prospective markets.
    • Contributing to the development of business plans and strategies to align with company forecasts and goals
    • Implementing recommendations to improve processes and procedures
    • Representing the company at networking events and conferences
    • Researching marketing and industry trends and providing regular reporting
    • Supporting the company in adhering to local laws and regulations 
    • Supporting marketing, sales, procurement, and operations
    • Supporting the company to operate efficiently in the country, including product registration, and application of permits and licenses.  
    • Coordinate internal and external resources, and cultivate relationships with vendors and customers.

      • Bachelor degree in management, business, or related field
      • Minimum 3 years of management and leadership experience in Agricultural/Circular economy or related field
      • Goal-oriented and organized leadership
      • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
      • Self-motivated and self-directed
      • Comfortable in both a leadership and team-player role
      • In-depth understanding of the company and its position in the industry
      • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English