Infant Formula Q&A

A: Infant Formula for Animal Feed supplies from the Infant Formula factories (Wyeth Nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Abbott Nutrition) in Singapore. They supply Lam Tak about 2000MT/ year of Infant formula from machine flushing, and others downgraded raw material (WPC34/ Lactose etc). Infant formula plants have very strict quality control and will reject any 0.01% off spec raw material, these powder will sell to Lam Tak for animal feed use.

A: Our Infant Formula for Animal Feed has the following Spec:

Protein: 11% – 15%
Fat: 22% – 26% (DHA, AA)
Carbohydrates / lactose: 48% – 56%
Moisture: Less than 3%
Added complete Minerals & vitamins: 3% – 4%

We test our Infant formula regularly and result is stable.

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A: We can supply in 500kg bulk bag, or pack into 25kg paper bag. Click to view Packaging Picture

OEM/ Private Branding available upon request.

A: One Full Container Load 20″ at 18MT

A: We have manufacturing factory in Malaysia & Singapore and shipment from Malaysia & Singapore. Full shipping documents provided.