Asia's Animal Feed Raw Material Provider - Dairy, Vegetable & Animal Protein.

Premium Food & Feed Grade Dairy Products

We supply all kind of food and feed grade dairy products,  skim milk powder, full cream milk powder, Lactose, sweet whey powders, permeates, also infant formula milk powder (For Animal Feed).

Vegetable Protein

high quality Wheat Pollard, Wheat Bran, Wheat Flour, Barley Spent Grain, Canola Meal etc.

Food Recycle

We purchase all kind of food by-products, dried raw material. We also dealing in the purchase of distress cargo, as we can clear cargo without original copy of documents. Contact us for more information.

Insect Protein

We provide solutions to process your bio-organic waste (e.g. Kitchen Waste, Palm Oil Waste, etc.) or to provide extra, organic, non-toxic alternative protein for your animal feed.

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