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Unlock the potential of affordable and nutritionally rich copra meal for your animals!

Efforts to substitute traditional feed ingredients such as corn and soybean in animal diets have been ongoing for numerous decades. The insecurity of the supply of these feedstuffs in various parts of the world, coupled with their competing demand for human foods and bioenergy, has fueled the exploration of alternative options. One such alternative feedstuff with distinct advantages is Copra Meal.

Copra is dried coconut meat with high-fat content. Coconut oil is removed by pressing, double pressing, expelling, or solvent extracting to yield copra meal (also known as copra cake or poonac) having oil contents ranging from 5%-14%. Protein typically varies from 17-22%, and crude fiber is typically 7-10%, but can be over 20% in some solvent-extracted material.

Derived from the by-product of coconut oil extraction, copra meal is an excellent alternative feedstuff in the animal feed industry. Here’s why:

  1. Affordable Price: Copra meal stands out for its cost-effectiveness, making it an economical choice for animal feed.
  2. Nutritional Composition: Packed with essential nutrients, copra meal provides a well-balanced diet for various animals, including cattle, swine, poultry, and other grass-fed animals.
  3. Protein Powerhouse: Copra meal is a notable source of protein, providing an excellent building block for animal growth and development. However, the protein is low in sulfur amino acids. Lysine availability is reduced by screw pressing.
  4. Readily Digestible Oil Enriched in Lauric Acid: The oil derived from copra meal is rich in lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid. Numerous studies have underscored the positive impact of coconut oil derived from copra meal on animals’ development. The richness in lauric acid plays a pivotal role in fostering growth and overall well-being.
  • Fast and Accessible Energy Source:
    • Lauric acid’s unique metabolic properties make it a fast and accessible energy source for animals, ensuring sustained energy levels critical for various life stages.
  • Antimicrobial Defense:
    • The antimicrobial properties of lauric acid contribute to a robust defense mechanism, protecting animals from harmful pathogens and supporting their immune systems.
  1. No Harmful Anti-Nutritional Factors: Unlike some other feed options, copra meal has been reported to be free of harmful anti-nutritional factors commonly found in grain legumes.

Challenges Addressed: While copra meal contains undigestible fiber, especially in the form of galactomannan, limiting its use in monogastric animals, this issue can be effectively managed with the application of NSP enzymes.


  • High levels of copra meal should not be suddenly included in the diet of pigs or poultry (even if the diet is nutritionally sound). Introduce copra meal into the diet slowly over time. This will overcome the initial reluctance by stock to eating copra meal.
  • Copra meal can be used in diets for pigs, poultry, cattle, and horses of all ages except very young stock. Due to its saturated fat content and high levels of addition may result in a firm white fat when fed to fattening pigs.
  • Adding L-Lysine and DL-Methionine to balance the amino acid requirement is needed when applying copra meal in animal diet.
  • Care is needed when feeding copra meal to livestock to ensure that it is not rancid, as this will cause diarrhea.



Inclusion Rate


     Broiler – Starter

     Broiler – Finisher

     Layer/ Breeder



















Copra meal emerges not only as a nutritional powerhouse but also as a strategic solution to various challenges in animal nutrition. Its characteristics, combined with the right applications, make it a valuable asset in promoting the health, growth, and overall well-being of animals across different feeding stages. As we explore innovative ways to enhance animal nutrition, copra meal proves to be a beacon of holistic and sustainable feeding practices.

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Copra Meal

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