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At a Glance

Lam Tak was established back in 1968 by two partners to distribute wheat bran and wheat pollard from Prima Flour Mills in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2012, Lam Tak was handed over to the second generation and was restructured as a Private Limited entity. Since then, the company has developed rapidly in the food recycling business and started manufacturing & trading dairy-based feed ingredients. Lam Tak Group’s motto is to maximize the value obtained from food and organic waste through innovative technologies and efficient supply chain management.

As part of its rapid expansion, Lam Tak successfully acquired two factory facilities in 2017, located in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, the company plans to further expand its presence by establishing representative offices in Indonesia before the end of 2023 and the Philippines in 2024. Presently, Lam Tak exports its products to a wide range of countries, including but not limited to China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, India etc, totaling over 10 markets.

At Lam Tak Group, we are driven to create positive change through sustainable practices and innovative solutions in handling food waste. Together, we can shape a greener world for generations to come.

Meet James Wee : A Visionary Leader Driving
Lam Tak Group's Sustainable Innovation

The group is spear-headed by JAMES WEE. James Wee was formerly a corporate manager in Philips Electronics and Singapore Trade Development Board (known currently as Enterprise Singapore). He has over 30 years of business leadership experience. He graduated from NUS Computer Science in 1995 and earned his MBA from INSEAD in 2001.

Lam Tak Group is dedicated to fostering a green and sustainable environment by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, cultivating trust, and forging strategic partnerships with like-minded entities.

Our Milestones

Lam Tak has been in the animal feed industry for more than 50 years. We take pride in our on-time delivery of high quality products at competitive prices.


Establishment of Lam Tak by Wee Chin Ho (founder)

  • James Wee inherited Lam Tak business.
  • Established Lam Tak Pte Ltd
  • Distributor of Prima: Wheat by-products.

Started dairy powder recycling:

  • First contract with SG-based milk powder manufacturer.
  • Launched production of Milk Powder for Feed.
  • Export “Made in Singapore” Milk Powder to Korea and Taiwan.
  • Recovered 720 mt local waste milk powder.
  • Established MLF Ingredients Sdn Bhd.
  • Added one more SG-based Milk Powder factory as the vendor.
  • Have our own factory in Singapore.
  • Recovered 1440MT local waste milk powder.
  • Export market expanded to Myanmar.
  • Bought Malaysia factory.
  • Recovered 1650MT of local waste milk powder.
  • Export markets expanded to Japan and China.

Launched Milk Preparation for Feed (MPF) production plant in Malaysia.

Started BSF Farming in Malaysia

  • Added two more premium Milk Powder factories as vendors.
  • Recovered 1980MT of local waste milk powder.
  • Export markets expanded to the Philippines, East Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • Started BSF Farming in Malaysia.
  • Acquire IP transfer from Henan Agricultures University (China).
  • Transform 150MT organic waste into BSF products.
  • Production doubled in size.
  • Export market expanded to Thailand.
  • Export dairy for feed to 10 markets.
  • Export volume 300MT a month.
  • Obtained GMP certificate and FDA registered for Malaysia plant.
  • Launched Orgsome Brand for BSF products : B2B & B2C
  • Won OCBC SG Emerging Enterprise Award 2020

Won the Golden Bull award for 2022 in Malaysia.

  • Rebranding and redefining corporate identity.
  • Office expansion into Indonesia

55 Years in Business

Our Core Values

We hold IMPACTS as core values to guide us in everything we do.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.


We are motivated to develop solutions for our suppliers and search for cost-effective ingredients for our clients.


We have a deep passion for our goals and missions. We prioritise the needs of people over the business.


When performing our job, we assume full responsibility and exhibit a strong sense of personal accountability. For our partners, reliability and efficiency rank among our top values.


We are fully committed to serving our suppliers and customers and we are disciplined to fulfil our commitment.


We establish supportive working relationships and shared learning among team members in order to accomplish our shared goal.


We are dedicated to doing our part to ensure a better and more sustainable future.