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Lam Tak: Transforming Waste into Valuable Resources!

The intensity of livestock production continues to increase, with specialized operations that are in many case uncoupled from the local production of feeds. Nutrient management and environmental degradation are key concerns in many countries, with the need to improve the efficiency of nutrient capture into the final animal products and to limit the excretion of wastes.

At Lam Tak, we don’t just settle for the ordinary. We go above and beyond to procure food production waste and recover distressed cargo, unlocking a treasure trove of valuable resources!

Our raw feed materials are like a buffet of goodness for your production needs. From soy cake waste to biscuit meal, sesame meal, and even food and feed-grade dairy products, we’ve got it all!

But it’s not just about offering top-notch ingredients. We’re on a mission to champion sustainability! By converting food waste and distressed cargo into valuable feed ingredients, we’re not only helping the feedmiller and animal producers to slash feed production costs, but also making a positive impact on our environment.

We warmly welcome partnerships and collaborations with companies dedicated to providing green technology and sustainable solutions, as we believe in the power of collective efforts to shape a greener future.

Join us in shaping a more sustainable future
for the food industry and beyond.

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