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Acquisition of Surplus, Distressed, Salvage or Abandoned Food Cargo

Salvaging recoverable items and minimizing financial losses through resale efforts.

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Our Services

Whether you're involved in the global trade of food ingredients, facing customs or logistical challenges, and urgently require a third-party buyer to offload your goods, please get in touch with us. For those who are exporters, importers, cargo surveyors, or marine insurance companies, we offer global acquisition services for:

Surplus cargo

An excess amount of goods or inventory that a company has beyond its immediate needs or market demand.

Distressed cargo

Goods have encountered problems during shipping or storage, such as damage, spoilage, or loss.

Salvage Cargo

Products that have been recovered or retrieved from a shipwreck, accident, disaster, or other situations where they were previously lost, damaged, or considered unrecoverable.

Abandoned cargo

Abandoned cargo occurs when the consignee or buyer fails to claim and take possession of shipped goods within a specified timeframe.

Our focus is on products such as
various dairy ingredients, food-grade ingredients and raw materials, and frozen seafood.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are involved in importing or exporting, during times of customs challenges or unexpected shipping situations, our acquisition efforts not only provide solutions to your supply chain problems but also assist you in minimizing financial losses, presenting the optimal solution.

Our experienced procurement and logistics team specializes in dealing with problematic cargo transactions accumulated over many years. 


Expert Team

Our expert team understand how to handle goods that cannot clear customs at their intended destinations. They can navigate the complexities of clearing such goods, even in cases where only scanning documents are available, eliminating the need for original documents.

Import Qualifications

As animal feed manufacturers, we have the capability to import certain food materials in Singapore or Malaysia without the need for manufacturers to provide certificates of origin or health certificates, streamlining the procurement process.

Wholly Owned Enterprise

The current leadership owns 100% of the company. We understand the urgency of resolving supply chain issues promptly. With a streamlined wholly-owned enterprise structure, we can make quick decisions regarding procurement actions.

About Us

Lam Tak Group, established in 1968, is a Singapore-based trading enterprise specializing in procuring competitive food-grade ingredients for feed applications. At Lam Tak, we take pride in our robust supply chain management resources and an extensive global supply network.

In addition to our core business of dairy product trading, we are committed to acquiring surplus, distressed, salvage, and abandoned cargo, with a particular focus on dairy and food-grade raw materials. This includes downgraded products rejected by customs or buyers due to non-compliance with standards, all of which we professionally transform into valuable and cost-effective feed ingredients.

Our Mission


At Lam Tak, we’re on a mission to champion sustainability! We go above and beyond to procure food production waste and recover distressed cargo, unlocking a treasure trove of valuable resources! By converting food waste and distressed cargo into valuable feed ingredients, we’re not only helping all stakeholders in the supply chain minimize losses effectively but also making a positive impact on our environment.

Client Testimonials

“Lam Tak's acquisition service has been a game-changer for our recent lot of milk ingredients with customs issues importing into China. Their swift action and industry expertise help minimize our losses. They're our trusted partner for seamless operations.”
Xu Dong, Milk Powder Importer
“Lam Tak's global acquisition service has simplified our work with grain shipments. Their ability to mitigate the risk for our clients and efficiently offload distressed cargo to new destinations is highly commendable. Highly recommended!”
Alexander McCain, Cargo Surveyor - Grain Shipment

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