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Our full line-up of milk replacer and milk-based feeds are carefully crafted for your growing young animals. Various factors should be considered when choosing a milk replacer, including ingredients, formulation, and palatability.

Providing a quality product that will optimize animal growth and health is our goal. We know that to achieve exceptional confirmation it’s essential to provide products that ease digestion for young animals. This begins with the creation of the right combination of raw materials. Our commitment to excellence through the selection of food-grade raw materials with optimum palatability to encourage early consumption and rapid gains is the main priority for our Product Development team.


Having worldwide connections with dairy processors, food manufacturers and infant formula manufacturers, Lam Tak has the experience to purchase all kinds of food-grade rejected old stock, overstock, and downgrade for feed application use.

full cream milk powder

Full Cream
Milk Powder

skim milk powder_250x250px

Skim Milk

Chocolate milk powder_250x250px

Flavour Milk Powder
(Chocolate, Strawberry and Other)

sweet whey powder_250x250px

Sweet Whey

Whey Permeate_250x250px

Whey Permeate

WPC 2_250x250px_fair

Whey Protein
(35%, 70%, 80%)

Milk Protein Concentrate_250x250px

Milk Protein
(70%, 80%)

Fat filled milk powder

Fat-Filled Milk Powder
( 15-20% min protein, 19-29% min fat, customized specs )


( 100 mesh, 200 mesh, mixed mesh )

Goat milk powder

Goat Milk Powder

Whey powder mix

Whey Powder Mix


Formula Milk Powder (Feed Grade)

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With worldwide connections with food manufacturers and ingredient traders, Lam Tak has experience in sourcing and trading all kinds of factory food by-products, off-spec ingredients, and agricultural by-products for feed applications. We are proficient in acquiring both animal protein and plant-based protein feed raw materials, ensuring a diverse range of options for our clients. 

Our expertise in purchasing salvage and distressed cargo further enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for various feed needs.

  • Grains – Barley, wheat, feed-grade rice
  • Rice by-products – Rice bran, rice flour
  • Wheat by-products – Wheat bran, wheat pollard, wheat flour
  • Soybean by-products – Soy flour, soy protein, pea protein, soya cake
  • Oilseed meal – Sesame meal
  • Coconut by-products – Copra meal
  •  Non-dairy creamer
  • Meat & bone meal
  • Poultry processing by-products
  • Hydrolysed feather meal
  • Blood meal
  • Insect meal
  • Whole dried larvae
  • BSF oil

  • Fractionated fats
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Calcium-saponified fats
  • Sugar
  • Maltodextrin
  • Corn syrup
  • Coffee/cocoa hus
  • Biscuit meal
  • Sugar-mixed milk powder
  • Other food by-products

Note: Product may be subjected to availability of stock supply status from time to time. Please consult our sales representative prior to purchase.

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Fermilac Lam Tak's Milk Replacer for Piglets


Give your piglet the best start!

FERMILAC Milk Replacer provides excellent nutrition for early-growth piglets with high nutrient density and a comprehensive additive profile. It contains easily digestible whey protein, milk protein (including alpha-lactalbumin protein), essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for optimal growth, an all-in-one package.

FERMILAC has proven its advantages in reducing the risk of piglet diarrhea by the specially formulated high digestible protein, fat and lactose content.

FERMILAC is a high-quality, low-cost alternative that improves younger piglets’ overall health and performance.

Product Advantages

Rich in dairy raw materials from trustworthy suppliers.

Good dissolvability and palatability.

High digestibility and nutrient absorption.

High nutritional content with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Shorter lead time.

Competitive prices compared to milk replacers of European origin.

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Give your calves the best start!

ULTRAGROW Milk Replacer is specially formulated with higher protein and fat levels to meet the nutritional requirements of young calves for growth and development, immune system support, anddigestive absorption.

ULTRAGROW is a precise blend of premium quality whey/milk proteins, soy proteins, and a highly digestible fat source, combined with a dairy-based powder containing a vitamin and mineral premix to maximize animal health.

We believe that our premium milk replacers offer a strong nutritional foundation for successful calf raising.

Product Advantages

Rich in dairy raw materials

Promotes digestive safety

Excellent energy source due to highly digestible vegetable fats and lactose

All ingredients dried using the spray - drying method

Provides essential nutrition for optimal growth

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