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At Lam Tak, we take pride in our robust supply chain management resources and expansive global supply network. We do offer the following waste management services that showcase our commitment to sustainability and trade:


Our company takes pride in our ability to assist food manufacturers and processors in reducing the waste they send to landfills. This action not only helps lower their company’s overall carbon footprint but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Through our efficient system, we are able to collect food waste from a variety of sources – including by-products and production waste from food factories, along with expired or down-spec food ingredients – and expertly convert it into a range of raw feed materials.

We believe that our approach is vital for building a self-sustaining, closed-loop system in the food industry, which is crucial for reducing overall waste levels and improving environmental practices. Our process allows us to utilize every aspect of the food supply, thereby minimizing waste and helping our clients cut back on costs.

If you’re ready to take your production to new heights and join the movement towards more sustainable and responsible industry practices, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is eager to help you explore your options and determine how best we can assist you on your journey.


With our extensive global network and years of experience, we are dedicated to sourcing and delivering surplus, distressed, salvage, and abandoned cargo, with a particular focus on food ingredients. Our expert sourcing and logistics team specializes in trading distressed cargo and knows how to handle shipments that face unfavorable issues preventing customs clearance at their intended destinations. Our dedicated team can navigate the complexities of clearing such cargoes, even in situations where only scanned documents are available, eliminating the need for original copies.

We are animal feed manufacturers, which gives us a unique advantage in the marketplace. We have the ability to import certain food ingredients without requiring a Certificate of Origin or Health Certificate. This distinctive advantage allows us to streamline our procurement process, expanding our range of offerings, ensuring a diverse selection of high-quality ingredients for our customers. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and capabilities, our purchase can offer you optimal solutions for addressing supply chain challenges, managing cargo clearance, and mitigating losses arising from unfavorable shipping situations.

By leveraging our efficient supply chain management resources and global supply network, we revolutionize sustainability in the food industry. Our commitment to environmentally conscious practices, trade expertise, and innovative solutions sets us apart as a trusted partner and leader in the market.

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