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Lam Tak Group Elevates Online Presence with the Launch of Its New Website

[Singapore, 28 Aug 2023] – Lam Tak Group, a trailblazer in the domain of dairy and feed ingredient sourcing and supply, proudly unveils its newly revamped website. The revamped online platform offers a comprehensive window into Lam Tak’s core values, diverse product offerings, and its unwavering dedication to sustainability through innovative solutions. 


Embarking on a Digital Journey:

Lam Tak Group, established in 1968, continues its journey of innovation with the launch of its revamped website. As a Singapore-based dairy and feed ingredients supplier catering to the Asian market, this digital transformation mirrors the company’s commitment to adaptability and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Discover the Lam Tak Experience:

The new website provides visitors with a window into Lam Tak Group’s identity, from its beginnings to its present-day achievements. Delve into a treasure trove of historical insights that chronicle the transformation of waste into valuable feed ingredients through pioneering technologies.

A Spectrum of Expertise:

Lam Tak Group’s services encompass the conversion of factory food production waste and off-spec food ingredients into valuable feed components. We specialize in global ingredient sourcing, offering a diverse portfolio ranging from dairy feed ingredient manufacturing to non-dairy ingredient trading. Furthermore, we’re passionate about rescuing surplus and distressed cargo globally, contributing to a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainability: A Driving Force:

At Lam Tak Group, sustainability is a cornerstone. Through our website’s user-friendly interface, visitors can explore our sustainability initiatives and learn how we assist our clients to reduce the GHG emission and contribute to a greener world through responsible ingredient sourcing and waste management.

Engage With Us:

Whether you’re interested in learning about our dairy feed ingredient manufacturing, exploring our dairy-based and non-dairy ingredient trading, or seeking solutions for salvage and abandoned cargo, our revamped website serves as your gateway to engagement. We encourage inquiries, discussions, and partnerships as we collectively embrace a more sustainable future.

Bilingual Accessibility:

To ensure inclusivity, we’re pleased to announce that our website is available in both English and Chinese versions, allowing us to connect with a broader audience across the Asian market.


Visit Our New Website Today:

Immerse yourself in the Lam Tak experience by visiting our newly revamped website at www.lamtak.com. Stay informed about our business development, event updates, and latest product offerings as we propel forward into a dynamic and sustainable future.

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