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Lam Tak Group’s Inaugural Charity Event Extends Support to the Needy

Lam Tak Group, a company dedicated to social responsibility, embarked on its first charity event this Saturday as part of its ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on society. All staff members at MLF Ingredients, Lam Tak’s subsidiary company in Johor, wholeheartedly supported and actively participated in these meaningful activities.

Mock Cheque Presentation – From left to right: Mr. Goh Zhe Khiang, Ms. Fiona Wong, Ms. Elize and Ms. Sarah Cheng

During a heartfelt mock cheque presentation ceremony, Mr. Goh Zhe Khiang, CFO, and Ms. Fiona Wong, Material Sourcing Director, presented a total amount of RM10,036 to Ms. Sarah Cheng, Administrative Team Lead, and Ms. Elize, Coordinator for Livelihood Support, representing the Amitabha Foundation.

Founded in 1998, Amitabha Malaysia is a non-governmental organization dedicated to extending support to the less fortunate nationwide, irrespective of religious beliefs, ethnicity, or race. The foundation ensures that every cent is spent for the truly deserving.

Lam Tak’s donation of RM10,036 will sponsor groceries for a total of 40 underprivileged families for a month and cover dialysis treatment fees for 8 patients in the Johor Bahru area.

In addition to monetary contributions, MLF Ingredients employees brought preloved items such as toys, storybooks, and clothes to donate to an orphanage accommodating 28 children.

The Lam Tak team, along with some of their families, was divided into 12 groups to distribute groceries to the unfortunate families, following assigned routes.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our fellow members of MLF Ingredients for their dedication and hard work in organizing and executing this event, which has been one of our most scenic and enjoyable charity events to date,” expressed Mr. James Wee, the Group Chairman cum Managing Director.

Let’s continue to spread love and kindness, fostering social service together. Lam Tak remains committed to furthering initiatives that positively impact the communities we serve.

For anyone interested in giving donations, volunteering, or seeking social support, please contact Amitabha Malaysia at +607 213 2448 or visit https://m.amitabhamalaysia.org for more information.

Group Photo of LT Charity Event

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